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3day training on Transformative Energetic Bodywork - Berlin
Deep Dive into PSOAS

13th -15th of July 2024
taught in English with option to receive the written course in English or German
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In this 3 day training, you will learn a method of deep transformative bodywork that can be widely applied in your practice. We pay attention not only to technique in the physical sense but also to the emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual aspects. You will learn how to embody more of your soul energy and how to facilitate this for others during transformative bodywork sessions.

The aim is to release tensions, various energies, and blockages that do not belong (anymore) in the body, using powerful and profound techniques that you apply in a refined manner. The space within the body, tissues, and cells is actually meant for your own soul energy. Through proper preparation and focus, you will learn to stand firm, carry yourself more comfortably, and be truly present during the massage, even when you are simultaneously going through challenging aspects of your own process or when your client reaches a very deep layer. By adopting an attitude of service to yourself, your client, and the whole, it becomes much easier to be a pure channel for healing energy and higher consciousness. This way, you will not exhaust yourself and can avoid inappropriate energy transfers with your client. Over time, through the sessions you give, you will become an increasingly clear and purer diamond yourself. Your channels will open further, your consciousness will grow, and you will become calmer, more authentic, and more powerful.

During the training, we will cover topics such as projection, triggers, self-care, communication, emotions, space-holding, empathy, feeling the flow of energy, picking up information, and the choice of whether or not to share it with your client. We will learn to prepare ourselves well and protect ourselves during a session, practice the basic grips for PSOAS massage, expand upon them, and work with each other. On day 3, we will add a section on the head / neck / jaws, which often brings not only new insights but also wonderfully deep relaxation for people, relief from headaches, and a natural high.

We will use delightful organic PSOAS massage oil and ensure the right atmosphere (sound, light, oil, scent, and energetic preparation). This will be an intensive three-day training for people who already have some experience with massage and wish to further deepen their skills or for those who are professionally involved in bodywork and/or energy work.

The price for the entire three-day training is 510 euros (including VAT) and includes 3 x vegetarian lunches (1 x simple and 2 x extensive), water/tea, course materials, access to videos about massage techniques (9 per training day), a certificate, and 100 ml of PSOAS massage oil. Accommodation and other meals are not included.

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