Lomi Lomi
To experience, receive and learn how to give lomi lomi has touched me very deeply. This beautiful sacred Hawaiian bodywork is all about Aloha (love, breath of life) and aims to provide deep healing. The proces starts with Pule (prayer, intention) and contains sjamanic elements. 

Receiving lomi lomi in this way is not a trivial thing and one who wants this should ask themselves if they believe that there is more between heaven and earth. This treatment is about letting go of old pain, connecting to yourself and your ancestry, offering forgiveness and experiencing deep gratitude for life.

The massage comes with wavelike full body strokes which is why a lot of oil is used and the receiver lies naked with a sarong covering the genitals. Given the level of intimicy and the spiritual nature of this treatment, I only offer it to existing customers. 

Shortly after booking you will receive questions to reflect on as preparation.

2 hours of lomi lomi costs 160 euro. You can book here.

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