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Transformative energetic bodywork sessions (holistic massage)
School: Training on transformative energetic bodywork (PSOAS Massage)

PSOAS massage

Treating lower back pain, stress, feeling tense or emotional

Extended PSOAS massage

Includes treating jaws, head and neck

3hrs Transformative bodywork session

2 hours mix and match 


Traditional Japanese facial massage 

Deep Tissue massage

Loosening muscles, dissolving painful muscle knots 

Energetic massage

reconnect, balance, align 

Body Dearmouring Bodyscan 1hr
Body Dearmouring Full session 2 hrs

Increase body consciousness using slow and deep techniques

Classic Relaxation massage

Pure blissful relaxation 

Lomi Lomi
Sacred Hawaiian body work

Treating pain, headaches and insomnia

No new training dates on Transformative Energetic Bodywork in English yet

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