Connect with your own pure source energy
through holistic massage treatments that increase your body consciousness
or simply relax and reduce pain and stress

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Access Consciousness Bars
This treatment aims to release you from energetic blocks of all kinds and helps you to obtain more awareness and freedom


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Lomi Lomi
For existing customers only
2 hours mix and match ! - combine as you like

Massages alleviate various kind of pain related complaints. They positively support good health and wellbeing. What is the most beneficial massage for you?

Muscle pains, pain in connective tissue, muscles in your back, neck, legs or arms that are stuck, back pain, lack of mobility, neck pain? Try:

Deep Tissue massage

Cupping massage

Pain in the lower back, stress, sedentary profession, difficulty finding peace of mind, generally feeling tense, stuck or sometimes emotional? Try:

PSOAS massage

Stress, general pain, difficulties getting sleep, headaches, fibromyalgia? Try


Mild tension headache, stress, dull skin, tiredness? Try

KoBiDo, traditional Japanese facial massage

Pure relaxation, better connection to your body, subtle and soft unblocking? Try

Classic Relaxation massage

Energetic massage

Focus on personal growth and body consciousness? Try

Energetic massage

Body Dearmouring

Lomi Lomi

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Your natural flow - Connect to your own body

Back Massage

Classic Relaxation Massage

Wonderfully relaxing

Acupressure Neck Massage

KoBiDo: Japanese facial massage
Natural detox & skin improver

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Holistic pulsing

Feel your natural flow 


Energetic massage
Balances and aligns

           Transform your body and mind - A healthy mind in a healthy body 



PSOAS Massage

Release stress, tension and fear


Alleviates pain symptoms caused by fibromyalgia

Shoulder Massage

Deep Tissue

Works deep to remove muscle tension, increase mobility 

Body Dearmouring

Intensively increase body consciousness, personal processes 

Transform your body and mind - more Deep Relaxation specials: 


Cupping massage

Pull deeper lying tensions to the surface and relax


Rejuvenating facial oil (50 ml)

Evening beauty ritual for radiant complexion

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