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Treatment Options

Relax Your Mind - Heal Your Body

Ko Bi Do - Japanese facial massage


Ko Bi Do is a Japanes beauty ritual that aims to bring physical and mental balance, helps you to relax wonderfully and makes you radiant. Techniques from pressure point massage and lymphatic drainage are applied on the face, neck and head.

It promotes skin improvement and alleviates complaints such as tension headaches, stress and exhaustion. 

For this massage I use my own blend of pure Jojoba oil and essential oils: Deep Relaxation rejuvenating facial oil. 

This massage is not suitable for you in the event you are pregnant or suffer from severe acne.

Rate is 80 euro per hour - session is 1h. Book here.

PSOAS and belly massage


The PSOAS muscles connect your spine and core to your legs. They are known to react upon stress (fight-flight-freeze-response). A lot of people unconsciously hold them too tight. This massage offers techniques which touch these deeply hidden muscles indirectly and encourages them to relax. If it is possible and you prefer so I can work on them with more direct techniques which is a little more challenging. A deep yet soft massage which will relax your lower back. Session is 1,5 hour - rate is 120,00 euro. Book here.



Fibromyssage is a set of massage treatments designed to alleviate physical complaints caused by fibromyalgia. The first promotes better sleep, the second aids with general pain management and the third specifically with headaches. Pressure is applied soft to medium depending on the needs of the person receiving the treatment.  

To obtain the best results the treatments should be scheduled at max 1 session per week. You can book a single session or a set of 3 sessions.

For this massage I use my own blend of pure almond oil and essential oils or alternatively arnica lotion.  

Rate is 80 euro per hour - session is 1h. Book here.

Lomi Lomi

hibiscus flower_edited.jpg

Lomi Lomi is sacred Hawaiian temple bodywork. I offer this beautiful massage including prayer and sjamanic elements as the tradition prescribes. I offer traditional lomi lomi and advanced lomi lomi with joint work or bonewashing included.

. Please ensure to read through the information page on lomi lomi before booking. Upon booking you will receive additional information in order to prepare yourself. Duration 2 hours - 160 euro. Book here.

Energetic massage

Rock Balancing

This massage is ideal for sensitive people who feel out of balance or people who want to work on their own personal improvement. My energetic massage is a soft massage using lemniscate and circle shaped movements with focussed attention aimed to increase body consciousness and sensation in the skin combined with lightwork. For this massage I use a biological oil which I've infused with pure essential oils of amongst others Geranium (heartopening) and adjusted frequency music.
Session is 1,5 hour - rate is 120 euro. Extended session possible upon request. Book here.

Deep Tissue Massage


Hardened muscles are softened and painful knots in your muscles untangled using techniques from body dearmouring and triggerpoints. I start by warming up the muscles in the affected area using regular massage techniques, then we find the knots and I work through them. For this massage I use a lotion with Arnica or a base oil infused with specific essential oils. Using breathing techniques we can go deeper without causing a muscle contraction. This massage is aimed to improve chronic and other muscle pains, tension headaches, increase mobility and address a variety of other symptoms for example ear buzzing. Session is 1 or 1,5 hour - rate is 80 or 120 euro. Extended session is possible upon request.

Book session 1 hour or Book session 1,5 hour

Classic Relaxation massage


In classic relaxation massage we use soft to slightly stronger techniques. Ideal to relax completely and increase your bloodflow. I ensure you get the best circumstances to enhance your relaxation by providing harmonious music that stimulates the brain to go in a meditative state. Attention is also placed on aroma's in the air and oil to stimulate the senses.

Session is 1,5 h - rate is 120 euro. Book here.

Access Counsciousness Bars.jpg

Body Dearmouring

This massage is for people who are interested in working on their personal processes through increasing body consciousness. Reconnect with your own lifeforce and feel more secure and stable inside. Though it can feel challenging, your personal pain limit is respected in order to keep you in a relaxed and present state. Becoming aware of what is within and releasing tensions through slow deep techniques and breathing.
First session is 1 hour - rate is 80 euro. Book here.

In the first session a body scan of points on the abdominal side of the body is performed 

Additional sessions are 2 hours - rate is 160 euro. Book here.

Access Consciousness Bars

This treatment removes energetic blocks to provide you with greater awareness by running energy through certain points mostly on the head. Most people find it relaxing and there are no counter indications so anyone can receive it. It increases consciousness and intends to free you from what is no longer needed. No music is played during the session intentionally for full focus. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring something sweet and / or salt to eat afterwards.

Duration is 1h15 - 100 euro - Book here.

KoBiDo & Fibro treatment
PSOAS & Holistic P Treatments
Energetic & Deep Tisue Treatments
Relaxation & B D treatments
Cupping treatments
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