Who I Am and What I Do

Maria De Dauw - Massage therapist

Bodywork as well as emotional, mental and spiritual processes are a lifelong passion of mine. The last couple of years my own personal processes encouraged me to go deeper and start to work even more with body consciousness and personal development. After working in a very different sector for years, I decided to retrain to become a massage therapist. In the mean time I have experience with several types of bodywork and energetic work. Aside from classic relaxation massage I also offer holistic pulsing, more intense massage techniques such as body de-armouring and deep tissue using trigger points, specialized massage such as PSOAS massage, KoBiDo, Fibromyssageenergetic massage and cupping massage. I aim to bring people into a deep relaxing state which encourages a deeper consciousness of what is present in their body and can allow for painfull blockages to be released. I believe in a holistic appraoch - body, mind and emotions are connected and influance eachother. 



At a fairly young age I got interested in meditation. As a teenager I experimented with the Silva method (an active form of meditation) and I regularly practiced transcendent meditation. I also took a course in Reiki (energetic work), a course in Shiatsu (pressure point massage) and classical massage. Over the past few years I incurred a lot of experience, workshops and training with regards to body work, body consciousness, energetic work and expansion of consciousness. This is how I got experience with classic relaxation massage, psoas massage, chair massage, holistic pulsing, kundalini yoga, energetic healing (based on the work of Barbara Ann Brennan), family constellations (based on the work of Bert Hellinger), shadow work, triggerpoints, regression therapy, body de-armouring, breathwork, icebaths, working with horses, Lu Jong (Tibetan Yoga), ashtanga and hatha yoga, yin yoga, soul retrieval meditations, human design, aromatherapy and working with plant medicins.