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Maria De Dauw, creator of Transformative Energetic Bodywork, massagetherapist

Maria De Dauw - Transformative Energetic Bodywork, Healing Hands, Healing Arts

My intensely deep sensitivity brought me many challenges from a young age. I absorbed my surroundings, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. Growth in consciousness and knowledge became a passion for me. I wanted to understand myself and the world. After years of working in an environment that couldn't provide what I needed, I broke internally. I was confronted with everything I had absorbed from my childhood onwards and how I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. This led to a profound inner quest for awareness.

In my unique way, I came closer and closer to my own powerful core, my own source, and began to understand how that sensitivity could help me make a clear distinction between what aligns with me and what doesn't. I learned how to live in connection with that clear core. For me, body awareness is crucial in this process, and through training and sessions, I learned to be more centered, grounded, and deeply connected, functioning as a pure channel for the finest energies the cosmos has to offer and in service of the highest consciousness. I faced and learned to release deep pain and heaviness, honoring my own human vulnerability and resisting the inherent manipulation of my own traumas and those of others. Letting go and resisting the urge to control until clarity, insight, and trust emerged. Understanding my own motivations better, feeling more compassion and gentleness towards myself, not abandoning myself but staying present.

I feel a deep love for my body and experience it as a sacred conscious instrument containing truth and wisdom. The body does not lie. Integrity, freedom, and inner authority are essential values for me and prerequisites for doing this work with purity. Space holding means being present while someone expresses their deepest pains, allowing them to experience and release without running away, fixing, or judging. At each session, I set my pure intention anew, applying correct boundaries, respect, and awareness.

This profoundly fascinating path helps me develop my senses and inner knowing, even transforming me, and brings me closer to pure expression, clear light, sensuality, and deep love. Despite the pain of breaking open, I am immensely grateful for the unique adventures and insights it has brought me. After a plant medicine journey in Peru, I received symbols for my upcoming work and creation, although I didn't fully understand them at that time. Hummingbird symbolizing resilience, joy of life, beauty, healing, magic, and light. Lotus symbolizing purity, authenticity, and truth. Hands symbolizing love, involvement, energy, and touch.

I delved even further into healing, energy work, deep bodywork, sound, light, essences and scents, tantra. When I began working with the PSOAS, I realized that my body had already been telling me this years before. All my work and insights led me to develop my own form of transformative energetic bodywork that works on all five bodies. I look forward to blossoming further, shining the light of my soul, and embodying it in service of the highest consciousness.

Because I was spiritually nourished from a young age and had a thirst for knowledge and experiences, I had the opportunity to delve into many things. It's not possible to list everything, especially the many books that contributed to this journey, but on the "Education, training, studies" page, I provide a glimpse of what I have been engaged in.

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