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Ko Bi Do - Japanese facial massage - beauty ritual

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Relax, increase inner and outer beauty, radiance and health

Ko Bi Do is an ancient Japanese massage ritual aimed at improving health and natural beauty. This beautiful practice is aimed at relaxing you deeply, promoting skin improvement and aiding in the relief of health problems such as stress, exhaustion, tension headaches and more. The massage consists out of specific techniques to increase wellbeing and radiance through neck massage, facial massage, energetic pressure points massage, lymphatic drainage of the face and head massage.

This massage is very suitable for you if you want to naturally improve your facial skin (weak skin, dull skin, wrinkles), if you feel stressed or tired or if you suffer from tension headaches. Relax deeply and reconnect with your natural radiance while enjoying this luxurious refined treatment.

Working with my own blend of precious oils is even more important when working on the facial skin. For this massage I use my own design of luxurious oil: pure jojoba oil mixed with specific essential oils. Check it out here.

To encourage the best results you are welcomed in my private practice room where sound, temperature and aroma's are optimal for you to relax and connect deeper with yourself and your body. You can book here.

Should you be pregnant or in the event you have extensive acne, a different treatment will be more suitable for you.

Kind regards,

Maria De Dauw - Deep Relaxation

Should you wish to book such a session, you can do so here

© Maria De Dauw, 13 October 2020

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