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Rejuvenating facial oil

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

How I came to create this exclusive oil

When I started studying Ko Bi Do, ancient Japanese facial massage, I realized I wanted to create a facial oil suited to match this sacred beauty ritual. This soon lead me to new insights, a lovely fragrant journey, lots of experimenting with different types of oils and a wonderful rejuvenating facial oil for daily use.

"I don’t have easy skin: quite sensitive, mixed, mostly very dry with some oily spots and couperosis."

For my own daily skincare I had been experimenting for years with different kinds of cremes and oils but was never really satisfied with the experience and the results. I don’t have easy skin: quite sensitive, mixed, mostly very dry with some oily spots and couperosis. My skin was often left feeling either sticky or quickly feeling too tight again. The natural oils I found were often too sticky or too heavily aromatized. Other products contained chemical perfumes and ingredients which are byproducts from petrol oil or related processes and are not really great for facial skin.

"A beautiful natural oil suited for people with various skin types"

My mission was born – to develop a beautiful natural oil suited for people with various skin types. To my great joy I found a supplier with all natural and biological oils of great quality. I choose Jojoba oil to work with as the base oil. This oil has a delightful texture, is very suited to use on the face, neck and cleavage area and supports and restores the natural glow and youthfulness of the skin. Jojoba oil hydrates deeply and at the same time is a light oil that is easily absorbed in the skin. It calms the skin and leaves it soft. It doesn’t evaporate like water based oils. It protects and nurtures the skin with the many antioxidants, minerals and vitamin B and E it contains. It slows down the aging process and reduces wrinkles.

Jojoba oil is great for several skin types because it is a lot like natural oils that human skins itself produces. By using it the skin detects sufficient oil causing the process of acne to slow down and reducing the chance of pimples. Someone with oily skin only needs to use a few drops spreading them out over the skin and massaging it in.

This oil is great for you if you have sensitive or dry skin and even if you suffer from eczema. If you have dry skin, like me, it is best to use a bit more of the oil and abundantly massage it in. It helps heal skin cracks and helps your skin calm down after sun.

"The synergy that was created by combining these 4 fragrances is light, fresh, harmonious with light floral accents."

After researching aroma therapy and having had various versions of the oil tried and tested by multiple people, I finalized the design using 4 biological essential oils. The synergy that was created by combining these 4 fragrances is light, fresh, harmonious with light floral accents. The oils were chosen based on their effect on the skin (clearing, nourishing, restoring), the nervous system and the emotions (calming, relaxing, comforting and meditative). I’ve ensured to correctly dose them in the base oil for use on the face and sensitive skin areas.

In the meantime I’ve used nothing else for my face, neck and cleavage area in the last 2-3 months. This has left my skin looking more healthy, even and feeling more firm and soft.

A bottle of 50 ml is priced at 33,33 euro – this allows using it 1-2 times daily on face, neck and cleavage for 2 months. Buy here.

This oil can be used in the morning and evening and is great to apply in a relaxing ritual before going to sleep.

A relaxing and soothing evening ritual

The essential oils help you to relax when taking 5-10 minutes for yourself in the evening before bed. Treat yourself to a private little moment just for you. Great to get out of your head, destress, enjoy and ease into relaxing sleep while the oil nourishes your skin.

So play some nice music, clean your face, get comfortable, take some of the oil in your hand, smell the lovely fragrance, take some deep relaxing breaths and gently massage the oil on your face, neck and cleavage. Take your time and enjoy.

Frequency music is a great idea for this, especially right before bed. I often use music from a free youtube channel called meditative mind. Their series with hang drums is really lovely – here is one

Created with love by Deep Relaxation,

Maria De Dauw

The Jojoba oil used in this product has following qualities:

- Extraction method: cold pressed, Virgin

- INCI: Simmondsia Chinensis

- Natural ingredient : seeds of the Jojoba plant

- non refined

- SKAL biologically certified

- Vegan

- no animal testing

- no preservatives added

- shelf live: 12 months

© Maria De Dauw, 5 april 2021


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