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Practical tips to optimize the effect of your massage treatment

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

A holistic massage or energetic treatment can have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. When you invest the time and money to give yourself such a gift, it is nice to ensure you get the most out of it, whether it is deep relaxation, enjoyment, release of muscle knots and tension, increased mobility, emotional release, trauma release, renewed balance and alignment, insights, increased awareness, body consciousness, feeling energy flow, feeling your more subtle feelings and energy bodies or even experiences that are hard to put into words.

When you schedule a treatmsent ensure to get yourself some time off after to relax and let the treatment sink in. This is especially the case with more process orientated treatments such as lomi lomi, energetic massage or PSOAS massage. Drink lots of water afterwards. Get sufficient rest, avoid coffee, alcohol and violent television programs. Walking in nature, chilling with music and going to bed early are great ways to relax and allow your body to integrate the effects in a smooth way.

Make sure to arrive in time, preferably about 5 minutes before. Dress in comfortable clothes if you can or bring them with you, this will be easier aferwards with regards to the oil used for most treatments. Oil you may not want to whipe off since the oil I use is of such quality that it is a real treat for your skin. Best not to eat too much, too heavy or right before the massage as having a full stomach can feel uncomfortable. Again avoid coffee and alcohol right before the massage. If you can remove make up beforehand as well, if not you can do so before the start of the treatment.


- no coffee, alcohol or heavy food right before

- arrive on time

- wear comfortable clothing if possible

- schedule time off for yourself after

- avoid coffee, alcohol, violant TV after

- drink plenty of water after

- go to bed early

Lovely blessings to you!

Maria - Deep Relaxation



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