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PSOAS the muscle of the soul / PSOAS massage

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

'The body is a sacred instrument of life, filled with soul and a true godsend on the path of self-development, growing consciousness, ever deeper love and brighter light'

Maria De Dauw

This statement reflects my attitude towards my own body and that of my clients as a body worker. I am starting this blog with it because it is important to have an understanding of the depth of this work and yet it cannot adequately summarize its breadth. In 2016 I discovered the existence of my own PSOAS muscle(s) because it suddenly started to tighten very much during a private session. Deep in my hips I felt something very powerful tightening, but I didn't know then that it was my PSOAS muscles and that that muscle group is also called the muscle of the soul. Something in my jaw started to tighten as well. A couple of years later I came across it again during a few training weekends in body dearmouring, but even then it was not mentioned as such, although it did become clear to me that there is something, lying there in the depths, that goes to the core of my being.

The moment I found a masterclass PSOAS massage 3 years ago, I immediately knew that it was for me and I learned a number of basic techniques to relax the muscles around it, to relax the body, and then (if possible for the person receiving the massage) to move deeper toward a more direct contact with this muscle. Since then I started to give these sessions enriched by my personal experiences with self-development and energetic work. I view, treat and experience the body as a sacred life instrument that is ensouled and I mean it is my experience that the tissues, muscles, bones, organs, etc. have soul. spiergroep PSOAS (musculus iliopsoas) © Kenhub (; Illustrator: L. Znotina

This means working with an attitude of De patience, openness and full presence with what is unfolding.

During these sessions, people let go - sometimes old deep-seated tension, more recent tension, stress, sometimes emotions, sometimes deep-seated feelings that they didn't know they had once stored and tucked away and ignored. What is let go off has to do with what the recipient's body is ready to release. Body awareness grows, more precise insight into what is or was held where comes to light, body tissues are again fully felt and seen and so made to feel theirs again, there is more space and life force can flow through again. We all have a human body and yet they are so different as we all have unique processes - I have been amazed at what I was able to experience during these sessions. Someone who just went through a situation of deep betrayal had lost confidence, was deeply hurt, disconnected from her body with her nervous system under high pressure. I was allowed to help her reconnect and see how beautiful it was to see her eyes shine as she regained contact with her body, regained her confidence in herself and her intuition. Another customer with a lot of stuck muscles and lower back pain could start to feel in detail where he is stuck and understand that with the necessary work he will succeed in freeing himself from all that tension. Another person who is intensively involved in self-development and energy work, could feel how the energy was allowed to flow again in certain places, how they are connected to each other, felt the spirit of his ancestors and gained deep insights into himself. Yet it is not only about discovering pain points and insights, for many people it is often also enjoying, relaxing, connecting with their body, recharging their batteries. A state of relaxation and a sense of security and trust are necessary to allow this letting go. Trauma is also stored in the PSOAS muscles so that means that when you give the massage you have to focus and really feel into the tissues, it means presence, patience, openness and good communication and it also means understanding when to stop. The body also shows which other muscles and tissues still retain tension and where work can and may be done. Physically, a constantly over-tightened PSOAS muscle can manifest itself in lower back pain, a constant tense feeling and can even be the cause of a hollow back. Mentally and emotionally, it can often mean being distracted by difficult emotions or being in your head too much. Landing back into your body can be quite tough.

Since last year I give the option to choose expanded the sessions which include some work on the jaws, neck and head stemming from the insight that there is a connection with muscles deep in the jaws and simply because it is super nice to have some stress eliminated from neck and head. We are also here to enjoy life, right? I feel great gratitude for this fascinating work. Sweet sunny regards!

Maria De Dauw - Deep Relaxation

Would you like to try this for yourself?

you can choose between 1,5h PSOAS Massage of 2h Extended PSOAS Massage - just click on the link.



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