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Transformation of the senses

Last week I had a coffee date with one of my students of transformative energetic bodywork. She had asked my advice and I was looking forward to reconnecting and catching up with her. We got to talking and she said she was doing great and had been giving a lot of PSOAS massages lately... only it would at times leave her feeling somewhat drained and tired. Of course my first question to her was if she was doing her own energetic work beforehand as taught in the training? Working with the light field? She said she did but felt she could do it stronger and more thoroughly. I agreed but got the impression more was going on. Also did she take time building up to giving that many sessions? After talking things through she started to realize that even though she was doing energetic preparation she was lacking boundaries and not standing up for herself. I pointed out the part in the course were we talk about the motivation for doing this deep transformational bodywork and the potential pitfalls. It is intense physically and energetically. She was lacking boundaries in time, in money, in energy, even in personal space and this was causing inappropriate energy exchange leading to exhaustion. Even so she happily reported the transformation of her senses during sessions.

At the time she took her Deep Dive into PSOAS training she released a significant trauma on day 3 of the training. This is usually a more relaxed day in which we work on the head, neck and jaws as opposed to day 2 where we work on the abdomen. For some reason day 3 in this particular group came with more intensity than usual. I clearly remembered briefly taking over the session and guiding her through it. She needed some time to come to her senses afterwards and was feeling a bit faint. She told me this release had been a starting point for her after which she came to experience more enhanced perceptions during her work and was receiving images during sessions. How wonderful! The work was working on her, expanding her consciousness, deepening her intuition, clearing her channels, the start of the opening of her siddhi's. My work is energetically very inspired by tantra, especially in the preparation, so I consider being in service of the highest consciousness, being a clear channel for it and consecration as basic requirements for this work. It helps you focus on working with integrity and keeping yourself in check, cosmic expansion while deeply rooted in the earth as well as in your own center.

EShe asked me what to do with 'talkers' (people who talk so much that they avoid the actual bodywork), and we discussed what communication is necessary and how she can ensure to limit all those stories... I also reminded her of the part in the course where we reflect on what and when we better share or not with clients. The emphasis in this work is on the bodywork and less on talking, although framing things correctly remains important too. As I suspected, conversation took up a slightly too large part of the sessions and sometimes there would be some over-lingering without a clear boundary at the end of a session. It's a balancing act between listening to someone, maintaining control, and bringing that person back to focus on the body at the appropriate moment or concluding the session. It's also a balancing act to choose whether to share what you perceive yourself because that's also an aspect of it - only share what confirms their experience, otherwise you risk distracting and even taking away from their experience (by sharing something with someone who has no affinity for it). Remember, it's their session, not yours, although it's also your time. Remember, Transformative Energetic Bodywork is the job - facilitating a profound experience and the growth of body awareness... We don't preach for several reasons :-)

She smiled when she realized that with a few small adjustments, she could easily change this for herself. She already has refined perception. I told her with a big smile that her fatigue will disappear once she starts setting clearer boundaries. Setting boundaries for yourself and others will really empower you. It's going to feel so good!

Warm regards,

Maria De Dauw



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