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Breasts and Bodywork, a Labor of Love and Healing

Where better to begin on this topic than with my own breasts? Although it is quite personal, I want to share parts of my own story because it means so much, also in my work. About a year and a half ago, during a bodywork exchange, Sarah Bogaerts touched a tender spot on the side of my breasts. I was catapulted back in time to a painful moment of rejection: a man who initially made me believe he wanted love with me, for whom I had opened my heart, found it necessary to leave me in a rather blunt manner and was now bragging to me about the wonderful breasts of the woman to whom he did grant his love and intimacy. He knew well enough, but his ego apparently got the better of him, so he showed little respect and consideration for my feelings and vulnerability. It felt intentional, needlessly cruel, and I felt shock, I felt frozen from the pain. I have known for a long time that the body stores painful experiences in its tissues, but this was very specific. I took the chance that Sarah's hands offered me in this session and let the pain flow out...

This was just the beginning of yet another chapter in transformative energetic bodywork, another chapter of the body's magic. Again, I was shown how my vision and motto literally come to life: "Your body is an intelligent, conscious, and sacred instrument of life, fully animated and a true divine gift on the path of self-development, growing awareness, ever deeper love, and brighter light."

Last year, after I initiated the two-day body dearmouring and bonewashing training for the heart chakra area from my personal, practical, and training experiences, Sarah came to tell me that she was specializing in breast tissue treatments through VLOW. She enthusiastically told me how well it matched the heart dearmouring work and offered me her breast sessions. And now, once again very personal but interesting for this story – my breasts contain some scar tissue, remnants of an inflammation in my breast tissue in my twenties... I immediately knew that I wanted to receive these sessions since, in my whole heart dearmouring chapter so far, I had acknowledged breasts but had not included them as tissue to be treated (partly because my training is open to both women and men and there is already a lot of information and practical work shared in those two days). Under the motto "practice what you preach," bodywork is something I constantly explore further in my life, primarily for my own processes through various methods and sessions but also for consciousness expansion, insight, and my work. The first session was intense; I felt a lot of tissue spontaneously melt and could breathe along well, keeping the pain under control and allowing Sarah to tackle quite a bit. In the following days, a kind of purification process ensued – heavy sweating under and between my breasts and especially the smell of it, wow! Fortunately, that passed after a few days, and my breasts felt more relaxed. Emotionally, I am quite used to these processes and carry myself well - I can describe the purification of emotions and situations after the first session as mild. A month later followed session number 2 - ouch, that one went much deeper, more painful, more intense – it felt like a purification and actually a bit of a confrontation of all sorts of painful toxic hardening. I have always had a lot of love for my breasts, always been super happy with them, but apparently, that didn't prevent them from inheriting and sponging up quite a bit. Suddenly, my entire twenties flashed before my eyes like a movie, and I realized how hard it had been and how difficult I had actually had it. Of course, I knew that I had a number of difficult experiences as a very young woman, that I had bravely managed to push through and stand on my own feet, and thus despite a not so nice way in which I left my elderly home, a deep heartbreak right before that, followed by a partner who financially exploited me and – when I had enough of that – threatened with violence, I still managed to carve out my own place. I was 22 years old when I went through this and found my own place to live, a decent job, paid my own bills, got my driver's license and paid for it myself, and eventually, in addition to my full-time job, took up a university study that I also paid for myself... Still, there was so much more going on, on so many different layers, and that period had a heavy impact on my beautiful sensitive heart and thus also on my breasts. This was the first time I saw it all lined up: the far too great responsibilities, the lack of support, an absent father, and an emotionally wounded mother who fought alone for four children, of whom I was the eldest, every situation, every stab, every event and experience that preceded the breast tissue inflammation. The underlying causes and then everything that flowed from that. That was intense! I have since learned well how to carry myself, and I had naturally scheduled time for processing in the three days after that second session. On the third day, I also had a session of transformational cupping planned for the insides of my upper arms and thighs... Yes, I am quite die-hard and passionate when it comes to bodywork... That brought me experience and the beautiful insight of physical interconnectedness, the things that could now be touched in my legs and arms were connected to what was released from my breasts – without that breast session, that would not have been possible. And now, about a month later, a lot has happened in my breasts: occasional painful twinges and increased sensitivity have now evolved into more relaxed tissue, they feel more spacious and softer, sensitive but not too much, and no longer painful, they are antennas, my intuition has increased again, a lot of pain and sorrow is out, there is much movement in my heart. I can still feel the scar tissue, and there is more work to be done. She had already told me that she thought extra sessions would be needed for that (normally a series of 3). Next week, I will receive my third session, and the day after, I have a heart dearmouring exchange planned with a very experienced colleague whom I completely trust. Curious to see what beauty this will bring me...

Warm regards,

Maria De Dauw

PS A very warm thank you to my colleagues and real friends who have supported my on my personal path and in my work



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