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Fibromyssage - start to heal from fibromyalgia

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

People suffering from fibromyalgia often get the message they should just learn to live with this condition and that there is no cure for it. It is true that Western medicine doesn't have a solution for the condition at this time. Usually they offer painkillers to take off the sharp edges.

That does not mean there is nothing that can be done to help people who suffer from the chronic pain and stress that comes with fibromyalgia. A set of massages was designed specifically to reduce these complaints and create more peace in the body.

The first massage is designed to promote more restorative sleep. Constant stress and pain make it difficult to relax and sleep. As a result sleep is often not deep enough to be truly restorative. This massage is best taken in the evening to support the natural sleeping pattern. The second massage focusses on pain relief in the body in general and the third specifically on relieving headaches. The techniques used in the massages are applied with soft to medium pressure depending on the severity of the symptoms the person is experiencing. As it can be challenging for a person with fibromyalgia to stay in the same position for a longer amount of time, the sessions are limited to maximum 1 hour. For the best results it is advised to also limit the number of sessions to maximum 1 per week.

There is no quick fix to fibromyalgia but you can make adjustments to you life style to ensure you take steps in the right direction and support your body towards healing. It takes softness, understanding and patience, but you can gradually take back your life, your health and your inner peace.

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Deep Relaxation - Maria De Dauw

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