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Release tension, stress and fear - PSOAS Massage

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Did you know that your body stores stress, trauma and fear in your muscles? This can lead to a whole set of symptoms making it difficult to relax and enjoy your life. Such symptoms can be lower back stiffness, feelings of tension and inability to relax, repeating thoughts, difficulty staying focused and much more. An important muscle group known as the PSOAS store this stress through the fight-flight-freeze response. They connect your core to your legs and might become too tight and unable to release the tension.

As you can see, these muscles are located quite deep in your body making them difficult to reach. Still there are ways to encourage them to relax and release stored tension. Releasing this tension can make you feel more centered, more secure and allover more comfortable.

Specific massage techniques can offer release of tension of these muscles. During this massage the back, legs and belly are treated. It is important that your body and limits are respected to ensure not to create new tension. So deep slow breathing and pulsing are a good start to allow you to sink deeper into your body. Then gently to more intensely muscles in your back, lower back and legs are massaged that indirectly touch on the PSOAS muscles. The belly is handled with care and here we check how tense the muscles are before going deeper to stretch them and create more space and relaxation. During the massage music is played that encourages your mind to relax into meditative states.

For this specific massage I received training at Holos Academie in Utrecht, NL. I added my own personal touch to it such as the music and techniques from other training.

Deeply relaxed greetings,


© Maria De Dauw, 5 april 2020


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