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Light Field Licht Activation Meditation

At current no dates for this full day training in English - should you wish to be notified in case of a date, please contact me on 

I often receive the question of how I manage to stand so resiliently in the work that I do. Despite having my own humanity, encountering challenging processes, and being quite an empathetic person, I'm able to do so because I actively seek energetic support. I position myself as a clear channel, remaining open solely to the highest consciousness. This is a deliberate choice and something that can be learned.
Engaging with and harnessing my own energetic field enables me to achieve this, whether it's guiding myself through personal processes, conducting sessions, maintaining the purity of my workspace and energetic environment, or working with groups. Throughout this event, you'll gain comprehensive insights into how to establish your own energetic sphere for various purposes. I'll discuss the crucial components for maintaining clarity and purity in your work and also touch on potential pitfalls.
Key aspects include grounding more deeply, staying centered, fostering a strong connection with the highest consciousness, learning to remain present with compassion, honing the ability to sense without absorbing, fixing, or judging.
We will kickstart the day by collectively creating a group energy field. Together, we'll partake in various exercises such as meditation, body awareness, and focused breathing. You'll actively participate by crafting your personal invocation. Additionally, there will be an extended lying meditation available to help you take charge of your own energy. This meditation will aid you in experiencing the expansiveness of your energy field, tapping into your personal pyramid of light, connecting with your inner source of strength, and delving into the depths of your passionate heart.
As we wrap up, we'll delve into the lasting effects of regularly employing these techniques, explore the concept of your personal light body, delve into the origins of certain elements (including some from tantric traditions), and leave room for any questions you might have.
The investment for this day is 130 euros, which covers VAT. This includes a practical course manual that I've personally written, a delightful vegetarian lunch, as well as water and tea throughout the day. Our schedule will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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