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Education, training, studies

Fascia Massage (Connective Tissue) @ Wellness Academie
Brainspotting Level 2 @ Brainspotting BE
Kashmiri Tantra Massage Workshop @ Swami Anahata
Brainspotting Level 1@ Brainspotting BE
Basis Chi Nei Tsang @ Kaizendo Shiatsu Academie (Dominique Respens)
Online The 12 Meridians @ Kaizendo Shiatsu Academie (Dominique Respens) 
Tantra Teacher Training @ Aum Tantra Yoga - 200 hrs RYS Yoga Alliance certified / teacher training on authentic tantra yoga
Ongoing light activations @ Helder Bewustzijn
Access Consciousness Bars @ Access Consciousness
Lomi Lomi 1 & Lomi Lomi Advanced @ Vida Vital 
assisted in several lomi lomi retreats
Fibromyssage @ Wellness Academie
Ko Bi Do (Japanse facial massage) @ Wellness Academie
Chinese Head-, Neck- & Shouldermassage @ Wellness Academie
Tao Hands Practitioner @ Master Sha Tao center
Aroma Therapy @ Wellness Academie
Cupping massage @ Syntra
Holistic Pulsing @ Wellness Academie
First Aid and helper @ Red Cross
PSOAS massage masterclass @ Holos Academie Utrecht
Orthomanipulation therapy @ Wellness Academie
Chair massage @ Schoonheidsschool
Triggerpoints @ Wellness Academie
Anatomy, pathology and Fysiology @ Wellness Academie
Triggerpoints @ Syntra
Body De-armouring level I @ Frequency Facilitator
Body De-armouring level II @ Frequency Facilitator
Professional massage therapist @ Beauty and Lifestyle Academy
Starter course Tzolkin @ Maya Wijsheid 
Non Violent communication workshop @ Walk the talk
Leadership for team leaders @ Patelco
Team Harmony @ Itinera
Academic master Communication sciences @ University of Antwerp
Academic bachelor Political sciences @ University of Antwerp
QHHT workshop
Self-Massage and Myofascial release workshop by Padme Therapy
MBTI workshop by Atlas Academy
Human Design analyses
Attended a plant medicin journey in Peru in 2018
Worked assisting with plant medicin ceremonies in 2019
Ashtanga yoga workshop
Kundalini yoga workshops by Touch of Soul
From 2014 to 2017 I followed a 2,5 year long personal trajectory working with horses, techniques derived from the school of Barbara Ann Brennan, family constellations based on the work of Bert Hellinger, shadow work based on the work of Susan Thesenga, and other introspective and meditation exercises. This trajectory aimed to work on and connect body, mental, emotional and spiritual development. ​​

Prior to 2002
Classic deep tissue massage
Shiatsu 1 cycle
Reiki (4 levels)
Transcendent meditation training
Silva meditation training kids and later a deeper trajectory as a teenager

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