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2day training on Transformative Energetic Bodywork 'Body Dearoumoring and Bonewashing Heart Chakra Area' in Berlin

16th and 17th of July 2024
taught in English with option to receive the written course in English or German
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Transformative Energetic Bodywork: Heart Chakra Area 
During these 2 days, we delve deeper into the various physical layers of the body, learning techniques from body dearmoring, bonewashing, deep tissue, working with trigger points, and meridian points in the heart chakra area. Through attention to pulsing, energy work, and space-holding, we provide a gentle foundation and assist the recipient in regulating emotions and energy while allowing the nervous system to discharge. We learn to feel in order to apply the exact right pressure for each recipient. The techniques from body dearmoring and bonewashing can, of course, also be applied to other areas of the physical body, but for these 2 days, the focus is on the chest, shoulders (including between the shoulders and the spine), arms, and hands. Tensions and trauma energy can be released from the various layers of the body (bones, muscle tissue, connective tissue, nervous system), making way for relaxation and a smoother flow of energy. Heart-opening, sometimes painful, usually delightful, relaxing, and transformative. We also pay attention to the effects of release on all 5 of our bodies.

Schedule: Day 1: 10 am start - Opening circle + theory - lunch - 2 bodywork sessions - 5:30 pm end Day 2: 10 am start - Opening circle - 2 bodywork sessions - lunch - 2 bodywork sessions - 5:30 pm end
This training is intended for individuals who already have some experience in bodywork and wish to deepen their understanding of transformative energetic bodywork. If you are unsure if it's right for you or if you couldn't enroll because the course was full, please contact me at
The price is 340 euros (including VAT), including 2 vegetarian lunches, water/tea, course materials, and a certificate (excluding accommodation and other meals).

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