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How to prepare for receiving Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is a healing practice in the spirit of Aloha (Love, breath of life) in which forgiveness plays a central part and the receiver is asked to set an intention. This intention can be set specifically to forgive another or yourself or to let go of something (an emotion or experience) or even to experience or express more of something in your life. In the Hawaiian tradition we are all born as a bowl of pure light. Along the way we are burdened with stones (Pohaku), imposed by our parents, teachers, others, spouses, bosses, society or even ourself, which prevent us from living our light. In a lomi lomi session we offer forgiveness and the receiver releases these stones energetically from the abdomen. The giver offers them back to the light, leaving the receiver liberated and more in tune with their own natural light. This is intented to heal and strengthen you and your intuition which is called Na Au in Hawaiian and literally translates as "more self". When you are scheduled to receive a lomi lomi, you may want to reflect on your intention for your treatment. What is it that you would like to let go off? What belief, feeling or experience have you been carrying around that has become a burden? That is keeping you from your natural state of joy and love? Maybe something that isn't even yours? What is ready to be forgiven, released and transformed? What part of who you are are you ready to surrender to?

The treatment starts with Pule (intention setting, prayer) and Oli (chants). During the chant E Ho Mai we ask the guidance of the ancestors and all that is considered family and / or sacred. Family does not limit itself to your ancestry only, but can be much much broader than that. To deepen the practice we work with sjamanic elements both physically by using the drum and burning a candle as energetically by using either a power animal or a body of water. Whatever is choosen by the receiver is then embodied during the massage by the one giving the massage. A power animal can be any animal: every animal great or small has strengths, qualities, something to teach you. It may be your favorite animal or simply one that comes to mind for this session. A body of water can be anything water, ranging from a hot bath to a roaring ocean or from a nebula to a waterfall. If you have an upcoming session, please don't overthink this, simply close your eyes, let your mind calm down, feel and let whatever is most appropriate come to you naturally.

As a final preparation, please clear your mind, feel yourself relax, sink deeper into your body and allow yourself to receive, to fully experience lomi lomi and know that whatever happens or whatever comes up you are safe, you are loved.

Much love,

Maria - Deep Relaxation



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